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The mission of the Virginia Network of Private Providers is to strengthen the system of services for individuals with behavioral health issues, addictions, or developmental disabilities through advocacy for the individuals we support, strong communication and support of member organizations and representation of their interest in all forums.

Getting Ready for the Changes in Behavioral Health

April 15, 2021

Last week we emphasized the steps that need to be taken to be ready for the changes that will occur on July 1st for substance use services and to be able to provide the new ACT service.  The Office of Licensing has worked hard to streamline the service modification process and to make the transition […]

Rebase and Rebound

April 08, 2021

The first steps of rebase of the DD Waiver rates happened have begun and, seem to be right on target!  A couple of items from yesterday’s discussion: Not related specifically to the “rebase,” the analysis of the impact of the planned increases in the minimum wage which was the subject of our Member Call a […]

Six Months On – How Are We Doing on Timely Reporting?

April 06, 2021

As you will recall, one of the more concerning issues which we discussed with the implementation of the revisions of the Licensing Regulations last year was the potential for dire consequences if there were repeated incidents of “late reporting” of either serious incidents or allegations of abuse or neglect.  We requested data from DBHDS on […]

Managing Competency

April 05, 2021

There were many good ideas and concerns shared during the review of the DD Waiver Final regulations last Friday and we will follow-up on all over the course of the next week or two.  The one that has and will continue to cause the greatest amount of discussion and which will cost the provider community […]



VNPP represents the interests and concerns of its members at a wide variety of meetings, committees and commissions. These gatherings are convened either by the Executive or Legislative Branch of state government or by one of the other organizations representing public providers or advocacy groups.


With regular Member’s calls, conferences, and opportunities to network and find support with your peers, you can help make a difference in improving the support systems.

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