15th Report by the Independent Review is Released

December 17, 2019

The semi-annual reporting by the Independent Review has been released – it is posted on the Provider Resources page for you to review at your leisure. While, at this hour, we are still awaiting the release of the Governor’s Budget, we do not expect that it will include any widespread adjustment to the DD Waiver rates.  We are prepared to again request a budget amendment to implement the rate refresh that will raise most rates 6.5% or better. In addition to all the usual arguments for a rate structure that will support the providers in a way to allow the provision of sustainable and quality services, it is worth noting that the Independent Reviewer states:
  • “There is continued evidence of systemic obstacles to making needed progress required by the Agreement.”
Of the six primary causes that have slowed progress the first listed is:
  • “The community-based service system has insufficient staff and provider capacity”