2019 Session Update

January 25, 2019

Last week we listed four items that we were actively working on with Members and other Lobbyists:
  • The bill (HB2035) which will allow HCBS providers to release to DMAS confirmation that a Criminal Background check has been done and the individual is eligible to perform in the role in question (employee, sponsored provider, etc) has with our input been significantly rewritten and passed out of sub-committee last evening – the “Clerk’s Copy” is now available at https://committees.lis.virginia.gov/subcommitteeaction.aspx?ses=191&bil=HB2035.  There are a number of issues still to be resolved with DMAS relating to Supported Employment, Services Facilitation, and clarification of exactly what documentation the auditors would be permitted to see/have, but we have a commitment from DMAS that we will be part of the discussions at the end of the Session.
  • The increase in personal needs allowance for individuals in ICF/IDDs is likely to fail in House Appropriations, but we commend the patron for her hard work and thanks members for quickly providing the background information we needed to help the patron make her argument!
  • The bill which would allow retroactive billing (with some conditions) for work done while someone is in the process of being credentialed with one of the Health Plans may again be moving forward and include Medicaid contract plans.  It is not slated to be heard until next week and will have strong opposition, but we do have the opportunity to be heard on the issue!
  • And finally, the bills to allow regulation of the registration of QMHP-E/Ts are moving forward.  Whether you love this or hate this, it seems inevitable and we are not opposing!