2021 Special Session II

July 21, 2021

In case you missed it, Special Session I was the end of the “Regular Session” in February of this year!  But this coming Session (#II) will have the narrow focus on  the distribution of the Federal funds from the American Rescue PlanAct (ARPA).  From the plans that we have seen, neither the House Appropriations Committee nor the Senate Finance and Appropriations Committee will allow for “member amendments,” but will be limited to consideration of the appropriation of ARPA funds with no changes to General Fund dollars.  Those items will be considered in the Regular Session for 22-24 Biennium which will convene in February. 

So while generous, the ARPA money is “one-time” money that will best either help to “stand up” new services or “bridge” the needed funding until General Fund dollars can be appropriated during the Regular Session.

Look at the VNPP plan here.