Update on CCC Plus for DD Waiver Residential Members

August 20, 2019

DMAS, the Virginia Network of Private Providers and the CCC Plus health plans have been working together for the past few months to build relationships and strengthen the communication between the health plans and the DD Waiver residential providers.  While there are issues with information sharing still to be resolved, the two documents attached below may be useful:
  • Developmental Disabilities Waivers Residential Provider How to Do Business Chart
  • MCO Directory by Region August 2019
(NOTE: The specific information for DD Waiver Residential Providers is found at the end of the section for each health plan; this document is updated as needed and is posted on the DMAS Website in the Information Section under CCC Plus/Provider.)
DMAS will routinely inform the health plans which of the individuals who are members are living in DD Waiver Residential settings; while there are still a variety of communication (HIPAA related) issues still to be resolved, knowing that the individual has a residential provider who has the responsibility for obtaining and coordinating health care may facilitate some of the needed dialogue.”