Another Day, Another Session!

March 24, 2022

The Governor’s Office announced late yesterday that he would be calling the General Assembly back for a Special Session on April 4th; and, in that announcement and in the expected campaign style television ad to drop today, he continued to push for significant reductions in taxes.  This is an item from his campaign that was central to his message.

As we described in the post at the end of the regular Session (Sine Die), the issue for us will not be whether or not the funds that we seek to:

  • mitigate the workforce crisis,
  • allow for service growth in community behavioral health and developmental disability services, and to
  • begin to repair the structural damage done to our businesses by the pandemic
will be a priority, but rather if the resources will be available at all!

We appreciate the attractiveness of the Governor’s message – but tax cuts by another name are revenue/resource cuts and a balance is critical!