A Bit of MES

March 29, 2022

Suddenly there has been a bit of a flurry of activity – as we get closer to “blackout dates” and the new system going live (Monday), the urgency to get things right is greater.  So far, we have a good line of communication with DMAS and DBHDS (re WaMS)!  So please let us know of questions!

Here is the Provider Portal User Guide (all 133 pages of entertaining reading) and do not forget there are provider trainings posted online.   On page 133 the the Guide is a glossary of terms – useful if you are having trouble with the acronyms!  It does not include all of the words you might run across, eg., LOCERI – this does not stand for a comune in Sardinia, Italy!   It does, however, stand for Level of Care Review Instrument.  If you do not know why you care – you have not poked around in MES-PRSS enough!

One of the questions this afternoon was whether DD providers needed a new “Provider Number” for WaMS – the answer is “It’s just a new system identifier referred to as a ‘Provider ID.’ No action needed by providers.”