A Bit of This and A Lot of That!

February 08, 2024

I promise no logic to the order of the following!   But here are a few updates:

  • The General Assembly has finally gotten into gear and are working hard to get through the bills assigned to their committees/sub-committees – there are a few things we can report:
    • The Virginia Health Workforce Development Authority bills that have been taking up a lot of our time are finally in a posture where they will do no harm and will, potentially, solve a number of QMHP registration and supervision issues.   The questions remaining are what will be the true functionality  of the new positions for behavior health technicians/assistants and trainees.  TBD!
    • The minimum wage bills will pass without amendment, but we still have next year to get them straight.  And, the Governor may veto the bills when they land on his desk – for the moment we are using the issue as part of the justification for increases in the rates.
    • The “paid leave” bills appear to be gone – though the Family Leave bill is now in Appropriations in both houses; the fiscal impact is very substantial!
    • The bills to allow more flexibility for families to provide services are moving along with some differences among them — we have taken no position!
    • The bills that might have been a problem for our Sponsored Residential providers (making the possession of a weapon in a licensed “facility” a misdemeanor), have both been modified to make it clear that they apply to medical hospitals; Sentara representatives were very cooperative about getting a substitute written!
  • The “Money” Committee Sub-committees report out on the 18th of February; we will have a much better idea of what the Session will bring then!   The information on “our” budget amendments that we hand delivered this week is below – – –

There will be a number of “updates” on our call next week, including Revalidation, the new WaMS role assignment for “Provider Organization Owners,” the DOL Overtime Rule, RetirePath, and, of course, the General Assembly Session!