A Brief Summary of the Budget Amendments

January 23, 2022

This chart is selective for those items that are likely to be of most interest to VNPP Members; it is, therefore, lacking a lot of information which is “system” critical, but will likely impact the CSBs more than it does the private sector.  In order to make use of the information:

  • Remember that these are proposed amendments to the Governor’s budget
  • The next step is for the House and the Senate “Money” Committees to decide which of these they will agree to (or modify and agree to) – that will be reflected in the column “Reported Out” which occurs on 20 February
  • The final step is for a Conference Committee of Delegates and Senators to agree on the final budget; any item which is reported out by both the House and the Senate does not go to conference and is felt to be agreed to when they “report out.”
  • Note that, for example, there is no amendment to remove Item #304 KKKK from the Governor’s Budget – that is the proposed rate increase for some of the DD Waiver Services,  which means the item in the Governor’s Budget will be in the final budget which goes to the Governor for signature.

You can get detail on any or all of these items by looking them up in LIS:
  • Select the relevant Budget Document
  • View by “Item Order”
  • Enter the item number (no #) in the search box