A Little Catch-up Near the End of the Session

February 15, 2023

We have posted the VNPP letter to the Budget Conference Committee on the Legislative Page under the News tab.  Note that none of the items that were in the Governor’s proposed budget and NOT recommended to be removed by amendment by either House or Senate Committee, OR appear in both the House and the Senate Committee reports are included.   When the new budget is passed, those items will be there!  

There is a lot of posturing going on right now – the issue at hand is how to resolve the tax policy issue which is very important to the Governor (and, therefore, to the Republicans in the House!)

You will note that the last two items on the list are “systemic” in nature and pick up the theme in the original plan, which said that we would “Support efforts by partners to facilitate and improve access to services.”   The Board had a robust discussion over the weekend and with some reasonable reservations the majority supported the language.  I think there are some opportunities to collaborate that will be very beneficial to our members.

On a different note – we are reviewing the guidance/direction that came out from Licensing yesterday ( apparently effective January 1st) – just by a quick glance there are some obvious issues!