A Little Entertainment for the Weekend

August 12, 2022

Attached below is the Commonwealth’s Power Point from the Status Conference held yesterday to consider where we are in coming into compliance with the DOJ Consent Oder of August 2012.

Commonwealth’s Presentation

Starting at the end – the Judge seems to still be willing to accept “substantial compliance” and did not argue with the Commonwealth’s assertion that it would be by December 2023.  He (Judge Gibney) does want to finish this case and is looking forward to his retirement.


The Commonwealth’s power point is linked above; DOJ had one also, but it didn’t have much content.  There was a pretty straightforward presentation of data – not much argument.  The Commonwealth talked about all that is good and “done” and DOJ focused on all that is yet to be done!


The issue, of course, is that none of this is nuanced – for example; the Court want the majority of the crisis assessment done in the individual’s home (they claim that facilitates the individual staying in the home); so since most are done in the ER or somewhere else, the data continues to fall below the 86%.  It was only as an after thought and in response to a specific question that the Commonwealth observed that the assessment is done where the individual is and if the family has already made the move to call the police and the individual has been removed from the home, the assessment will be done somewhere else.  The Commonwealth can not control that aspect.


There was conversation about the impact of both the pandemic AND the workforce issue, but the Commonwealth made a point of simply stating facts not making excuses. 


Bottom line; no remarkable change or added layers for