A Little More About the Budget v2

February 07, 2023

Here is a brief chart of some of the key items in both the House and the Senate Committee reports and much more detail is available on the Legislative Information System here.

There are some notable things in the reports – there is a lot more spending in the Senate package, the House is staying much closer to the Governor’s proposals to reduce taxes (which, of course, reduces to revenue available to spend!)  There are some significant and long overdue rate increases, and some recognition that rates need to be examined on a regular basis.   Remember that each of these items recommends changes to what is proposed in the Governor’s budget; if  items in the budget are not removed they will be in the final package.

The House and the Senate will approve their respective budgets and the negotiations will commence between the two chambers; we will identify the most critical items and create our advocacy message.  Look for that in the next NewsPost!