A Question About “Qs”

November 16, 2018

When the same question comes up multiple times, it seems necessary to try to clarify what must be a bit of confusion.  Let’s talk about “Qs:” QMHP – A, C or E is a position that works in behavioral health services such as TDT, MHSS or Intensive In-Home with individuals with a “mental health” diagnosis.  QMHPs must register with the Board of Counseling.  The regulations can be found here. QDDPs (also called QIDP or QMRP) work in services with persons who are developmentally disabled (Waiver Services or ICF-IDDs).  They do not need to register with anyone!  The definition, which appears in both DMAS and DBHDS regulations is identical.  However, the DBHDS Licensing Regulations allow for experience to be substituted for an academic degree for individuals in a supervisory role and in the proposed permanent regulation for the DD Waivers DMAS has adopted the same criteria.  The specific regulation is found here.