A Tip or Two on Filling Out the Minimum Wage Survey

March 09, 2021

#1)   Do not put the customary “-” after the first two digits of your FEIN;
#2)   It requires that the “rounded” percentages for wages by “band”  total to 100% – you may need to make an adjustment if you calculations included a decimal or two; and
#3)  The PDF doesn’t format well, readable, but not “pretty!”

Other than that, If your payroll system can export the information to include the pay amount and total paid for each individual who worked in 2019 which then you can sort but position and hourly wage – you are all set!

Remember the “due date” is 22 March and given the imminent rise in the minimum wage to $9.50 (1 May, 2021), it is critical that they have as much data as possible!