A Tuesday with Good News!

April 28, 2020

DMAS confirmed this morning that the application for the Appendix K was submitted late on Friday.  It includes a request for both “retainer” payments for Adult Day Health and the broad array of DD Waiver Day Services including Group Day, Community Engagement and Community Coaching.
  • We know that the authority used by CMS to allow retainer payment is traditionally limited to 30 consecutive days; in this circumstance for this pandemic, there may be allowance to “work around” that limitation.
  • We also know that the concept of “retainer” is to allow a provider to continue to pay staff during a period when, for whatever reason, services cannot be provided.  DMAS recognizes that the delay in this request has means that many providers no longer employ their direct support staff, but would benefit from the revenue to allow them to be ready to staff up in advance of being able to reopen in a more timely way.
  • DMAS is working on the details to be ready with systems and instruction when authority is granted.
  • In addition, they have requested broad authority to allow a change in “place of service” for day services.  This will allow providers to provide and bill for previously authorized services in locations such as Group Homes, Sponsored Homes or other residential locations – details to follow!
We expect much more detail to be available by Friday’s Member Call!