About the Rates

June 08, 2020

The DD Waivers Rates chart for FY21 (beginning July 1, 2020) is available here; please remember that both the “refresh” and the increase in nursing rates which were approved during the last General Assembly Session have been set aside (the technical term is “unalloted”) pending further decisions by the General Assembly when they come back into Session later this Summer. It is too soon to tell if the Revenue forecast will be robust enough to allow either or both of those to move forward.  As we have worked to get some relief during this pandemic, we have tried to keep our eye on the “long game,” and work toward the rates refresh which will have a greater impact on our ability to rebuild the system of care.  DBHDS is focused on the Nursing Rate increase, important to be sure;  that is the rate that is most closely tied to the DOJ Settlement Agreement. The increase in the outpatient rates was also “unalloted.” We will be engaged in discussions over the next couple of weeks with DMAS staff and others to offer our thoughts on what aspects of telehealth as a functional tool for services should continue and what would that look like.