About Us

Building Meaningful Lives for Extraordinary People

An association for persons or organizations with an interest in or are private providers of support for persons who have mental illness, intellectual or developmental disabilities, substance use disorders or brain injury.  VNPP is also a state affiliate of ANCOR, the national association for providers of community services.

Our Mission Statement:

The mission of the Virginia Network of Private Providers is to strengthen the system of services for individuals with behavioral health issues, addictions, or developmental disabilities through:

  • Advocacy for public policies, funding and payment models, and regulatory processes that best support high quality service delivery, positive outcomes, workforce, sustainable business models, and the most efficient use of available resources.
  • Services, communication, and support for member organizations to assist them in the delivery of the highest possible quality of services and development of sustainable business practices.
  • Representation of the private provider community in public policy discussions.


More than 120 members of VNPP, who employ more that 8,000 staff, support over 24,000 individuals with mental illness, developmental delay or substance use disorders across the Commonwealth.