Agency Budget Requests Have Been Released

October 05, 2022

There are no surprises (and remember this is a mid-biennium budget), but there are a couple of gems!


  • DMAS is requesting 1,400 new waiver slots – 1,200 FIS and 200 CL – to add to the 600 slots already approved for FY 24 to reduce the Priority 1 Waiting List; DBHDS is asking for 5 FTE to “support” the new slots
  • DMAS is asking for a comprehensive critical incident system for CCC Plus to comply with CMS requirements (it is not clear how this will interface with the current DBHDS Critical Incident reporting system)
  • DMAS has formally requested the 12.5% increase which was not included in the last budget for Early Intervention
  • DMAS has requested funding to formally study the rates for the enhanced behavioral health services (BRAVO) 
  • DBHDS has asked for 7 FTE of Licensing and 5 FTE to sustain and modernize the new crisis services
  • DBHDS has asked for some adjustments to existing budget language related to alternative transportation and alternative custody and to creat a “training academy” to increase the use of alternative custody and promote consistency.
  • DBHDS has asked for $180,000 to support training and oversight of the Peer Mentoring Services through The Arc of Virginia.
  • DMAS (with the support of DBHDS) is requesting changes to reduce the barriers (not the barrier crimes) to improve access to Peer Recovery Support Services.

There are others, but these are some highlights!