Alexander Acosta Confirmed as Secretary of Labor

April 27, 2017

The Washington Post reported today that “during his confirmation hearing last month, Acosta refrained from backing the rules, citing the president’s orders to review and scale back regulations. “We all work for the president and we all will ultimately follow his direction unless we feel like we can’t,” Acosta said at the March 22 hearing before the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee. A rule finalized by the Labor Department last year would more than double the income threshold that determines which workers should be eligible for overtime pay. Under the rule, anyone earning less than $47,500 a year would be paid time and a half when they work more than 40 a week, up from the current threshold of $23,660 a year. Acosta hinted during the hearing that he may open to increasing the income limit, but perhaps at a lower level. He said a steep increase could create “stress” and lead to higher costs for businesses. He has until June 30 to decide whether to drop the Labor Department’s appeal of a lawsuit challenging the rule. A federal judge halted the rule late last year.” By Jonelle Marte, Washington Post