Almost Midnight on April 8th!

April 08, 2024

Today was the last day for the Governor to act on the bills passed this Session:

  • He did not veto the Budget (as was feared as an option); and he did not propose any amendment to the DD Waiver Rate increase for July 2024 and July 2025;
  • He did, however, propose cuts to a number of services that the General Assembly had increased and reduced significantly the increases passed by the GA for CSB workforce development and STEP Virginia.  
  • He also reduced other funding – eg permanent supportive housing, brain injury services, etc.  But bumped up (by 2% each year of the biennium) the Personal Care rates.
  • Clearly the General Assembly has its work cut out for it!  To override the amendment will take a 2/3 majority – hard to know what the R’s might do on some of the funding issues.

The Governor did sign the barrier crimes bills (they modestly reduce the waiting period for some crimes and apply to adult BH and SA service providers).

The GA reconvenes on 17 April to work through the various actions; it will be a very long day – he has vetoed more bills that any other Governor and set the tone for a fair amount of contention!