Amendments to the Governor’s Budget Posted

January 21, 2017

Amendment requests, as we explain each year, are just that – requests.  There is no promise that they will included in the committee reports from either House or Senate nor in the final Budget document.  That said, there are several of interest:


313 #1h & #1s — Requesting a validation study of the SIS (this was our request and is described on our Legislative Agenda under “News” on the home page of the website) 313 #3h, #2s and 312 #1s — All also ask for revisions to or improvements in the SIS process; from questions I have received from the Administration, I think we have their attention!

Sponsored Residential

306 #24h & #24s — These request more specific language to study and report on the impact of the rates which went into effect on January 1st for Sponsored Residential (this was also our request) 306 #11s — This requests that Sponsored Residential be allowed access to the “customized” rates when they are approved by CMS – we have included this as part of our response to the Request for Comments on the Application to Amend the Waivers. 313 #3s — Requests that a limit be established on the percentage of the reimbursement that is paid to the Sponsor


There are multiple requests ( some are duplicative) specific to NoVA rates and the method used to calculate them


There are multiple requests for slots; all requesting slots for the FIS including the one we requested to move the 60 slots designated by the Governor’s budget for the BI Waiver and move them where they could be used!

CD Services

There are multiple requests related to CD Services all directly or tangentially related to the issue of hours worked, except three which request paid sick leave.

Same Day Access

315 #3h & #3s adds private providers into the mix of who can provide the Same Day Access screening, defines the rate and requires more comprehensive reporting.  There are also two amendments in Item 284 that strip all or part of the funds to do the comprehensive analysis of “readiness” across the system.

This is a short summary more detail can be found at: