ANCOR Action Alert

January 17, 2017

We are at a pivotal moment in how policies will move forward that impact you and the services you provide.  Today, the 115th Congress concluded their approval of a budget resolution that sets up the mechanism for Congress to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act and also, through a process called reconciliation, make changes to the Medicaid program. These changes include moving forward with proposals to transform Medicaid to a block grant or per capita cap program.  Republicans, who hold the majority in both Houses of Congress, have indicated their intention to move forward quickly with this plan. Now is the time we must weigh in and let Congress know that individual lives depend on the HCBS system and that no changes should even be considered until stakeholders like ANCOR see what the proposed changes are. Please click here to email your Members of Congress and make yourself heard. Thank you for the work you do. Together, we can Save Our Services!