And Another Thing!

March 11, 2022

Each time we have a member call, and information is shared, we learn more than you might expect.  For example, we have just added to our ever growing list of mandated inspections, reviews, audits and investigations that providers have looming over them or are trying to meet the demands for records, scheduled interviews, site visits, etc.   Currently, we have:


  • 2022 Annual Licensing Inspections with nine standards requiring submission via the CONNECT portal (minimally functional) and thirty-six standards to be reviewed on-site (the scope of each is considerable and, therefore, time consuming)
  • The next round of the HSAG reviews,
  • Ongoing HCBS site reviews (with the set of standards being a bit of a moving target!),
  • Myers & Stauffer Audits encompassing the six months ending October 31st, 2021 with substantial samples selected,
  • Adjustment/retooling to meet the requirements of the MES system,
  • Ongoing problems with the CONNECT system that take too much time and energy to try to solve,
  • A looming deadline to report on the expenditures of PRF funds,
  • Another “new” version of the ISP and the resulting WaMS requirements which will be in effect 1 May,
  • An ongoing workforce crisis that shows no signs of letting up, and
  • Roaring inflation (for gas alone the per mile cost increased 29% from January 2022)!

Did I miss anything?  At some point you just have to smile!