And Let’s End the Week on a High Note!!!!

April 29, 2022

I have just received word from DMAS that the PAH assignment back-log has been eliminated.  That should mean that someone in your organization can access MES and check eligibility, service authorizations, submit claims and check claims.  Now there are still a whole host of issues to be fixed, sorted and cleaned up:

  • Not everything is in WaMS as it should be
  • The auth letters that we are used to were there for a hot minute, and now they are gone again
  • There are seemingly features available that perhaps should not be accessible to as many
  • There is a whole host of “legacy” issues that need to be tidied up, and
  • The formatting of some of the resource material is still being worked on.

But my issue is/was “can providers submit claims, and get paid timely” and, today, that seems possible!  Have a good weekend.