And the Question Is . . .

April 15, 2022

Is talking about MES, CONNECT, or HCBS on any Friday a good idea?   Probably not, so I’ll keep it simple!

First, the deeper we dig, the more complicated the system interface seems to be, but the right people are “at the table” and I am being included in most conversations.  The message at the moment is that we can wait to make this system all neat and tidy, our priority is to make it work.    As long as your PRSS Number, your NPI Number and your Tax ID Number are all associated, then all should be fine.  If you have surplus listings, they can be dealt with later!

Second, thanks to Jenny Farrell who alerted us to the draft HCBS “guidance”, I have attached a copy of it here, and posted the link for comments on the Provider Quicklinks Page.    I will be interested to read your comments.

Please keep us posted on issues – have a nice weekend and enjoy some sunshine!