And Then There Were Three!

March 28, 2023

In the past few days we have received  not one, not two, but three very detailed emails that all essentially said the same thing.  Once again providers are being asked to respond to multiple reviews, all with large numbers of documents to upload (similar documents, but to different places) for the convenience of the reviewers and with many extra hours of work on the part of the providers.  Reviews are HCBS, QSR, Licensing and HSAG Round 5; not sure all of the Round 4 results are out yet! 

The new normal which is presented as a less intrusive – the “desk audit” — is very easy to schedule and activate, but is extremely time consuming for providers.  We had hoped for a little coordination (I think that was discussed at some point), but what we have instead is certainly not cognizant of the impact the demands have on the recipient!   

For those of you we haven’t heard from — you are definitely not alone!