Another Friday “News Dump”

October 06, 2017

In no particular order:
  • The printing of the HCBS Self-Assessment is still not working properly; DMAS assures us they are still working on it in an attempt to have the pdf print option format properly.  All other features work well!
  • We have closed the registration for the Conference as we have met our capacity; if you have any questions call the VNPP Office at 804-560-4640.  It will be an exciting conference!
  • DMAS is still reviewing the recent changes that DBHDS published to the Advanced Competencies; we will keep you posted.
  • The recent change in WaMS has apparently caused a great deal of problem for some of the CSBs as all of the plans in process were discarded.  If you had a plan “in the pipeline” over last weekend which was discarded, please speak to the Case Manager and resubmit as soon as possible.
  • It continues to be our understanding that CSBs are not going to manually enter any plans and will continue to upload Parts I-IV as they are doing now.  Therefore, once the problems caused by last weekend’s conversion are fixed, we should be back to “business as usual!”
  • On a happy note – I had the honor this week to speak at the VACSB Gartlan Awards Luncheon to commend this year’s recipient, Howard M. Cullum.  Howard was the recipient of the VNPP Key to the Community Award several years ago and it was my pleasure to be able to honor him again.