As 2019 Winds Down . . .

December 31, 2019

My first thought for this post was to try to “summarize” our activities of the year just ending – but it has been a very busy year that somehow does not lend itself to short clever statements in summary!  Here are a few thoughts that come to mind:
  • We have trained and implemented DLA-20 in many of our BH Member organizations and our trainer, Molly Cheek, has two more trainings scheduled for January!
  • We have worked on more regulatory or guidance documents than we can count – Licensing, CMHRS, DD-Waiver, EVV, etc.
  • We are coming down to the wire on resolving the remaining issues in the DOJ Settlement – to accomplish a one year pattern of success, all must be accepted by this coming summer!
  • There has been significant change in agency leadership – Karen Kimsey at DMAS, Alison Land to replace Acting Commissioner Mira Signer at DBHDS, Laura Nuss (who sadly came and went too soon) at DBHDS and Daniel Herr at DBHDS who has not been permanently replaced.
  • We have participated in discussions about Redesign and Refresh/Rebase, Barriers and Barrier Crimes!
  • We have lost many, too many, programs for lack of a revenue stream that was sustainable – sadly, the children’s services are also lost.  There is no way, now, to repair the damage – all we can hope for is to stop the destruction!
  • We had a great conference and annual meeting – and honored Ray Ratke with the VNPP Leadership Award.
  • And now, almost before the last New Year’s firework has faded, we are into a brand new legislative session with a brand new cast of legislative leaders!
It’s been a good year – and 2020 will be equally challenging and exciting.

Happy New Year!