Behavioral Health Redesign

November 09, 2022

We have been asked to share!

There are now five surveys, found below, to allow people all over the commonwealth who are interested in improving services to offer their thoughts on what would make the system better. Hearing your voices is critical to construct a clear path toward recovery and wellness.  You may choose one survey based on your interest area, or you may select multiple surveys. Depending on how detailed your responses are, the survey should take about 10-20 minutes. The last day to complete a survey is November 30, 2022.

The five surveys can be found on HHR Secretary Littel’s website, here:

I have looked at the surveys, the questions (some paraphrased here) are:

  • What is your 5 digit ZIPcode?
  • What is you race/ethnicity?
  • What is your gender? (There is a “prefer not to answer” option)
  • Describe the role in which you most closely identify
  • How satisfied are you with the overall availability of services in your community? (Multiple choice)
  • How easy is it to “navigate” the system or learn how to access services you need? (Multiple choice)
  • If you feel learning how to access services is difficult – what would make it easier?
  • What are the barriers to your community receiving high-quality and accessible services?
  • What are the gaps in services ((e.g. workforce, quality, number of providers)?
  • How can services be improved?
  • What is working well?
  • Share a first-hand account of when the system worked well?
  • Share a first-hand account of when the system did not work well?

It is a way to offer your opinion!