Behavioral Health Services Updates

June 25, 2019

We have two updates which are, we hope, promising!  First, DMAS will reconvene the monthly meetings of the Behavioral Health Associations which were suspended when the Redesign effort began last year.  We spoke about the value in a post in September 2018.  The first meeting will include representatives of the MCOs as well as DMAS and DBHDS and will focus on the multitude of issues currently impacting providers and the individuals we support in TDT.  The Associations have pushed hard for this discussion and thank DMAS for being willing to have the dialogue. Topics on our list are:
  • reductions in authorized units
  • inconsistent interpretations among the MCOs
  • impacts on children who are left without a summer program or a limited intervention in the classroom setting, and
  • the inability of the provider to manage a sustainable business in the environment which has been created
If you wish to share an example (no PHI, please) or another topic related to your current challenges with TDT please do so via email to no later than July 5th. Second, DMAS has released details of the first Redesign Workgroups – it appeared that the email was widely distributed, but we have posted the attached spreadsheet below so you will have it for reference: Redesign Stakeholder Workgroup Spreadsheet More to come and greater clarity on the organization following the Redesign Meeting for the “Steering Committee” at the end of July.