Behavioral Health Transformation

November 27, 2018

We have been part of a large group discussion about the Medicaid funded behavioral health system in Virginia which is in addition to the SJ47 (Deed’s Commission) efforts and, in cooperation with DBHDS and supported by the Farley Center, is pushing toward the following:
  • Identifying gaps in service
  • Identifying areas with limited access to services
  • Identifying workforce issues
  • Identifying “bright spots” and what is working well, etc.
At today’s meeting we discussed the recent news that CMS will now accept application to draw down federal funds for a whole range of services including residential and hospital placement for adults with SMI!  The SMD Letter is here In short, with the new opportunities presented, the “transformation” efforts can be incorporated into a larger package and may, therefore, support a more comprehensive overhaul of the system of care!  This is a good start!