BH Transformation/Redesign/Enhancement

January 19, 2020

We have no insight into why the name of this project keeps changing, but it is now “Enhancement!”  Attached are the recently published Service Descriptions  which should, in some way, line up with the rate information that we received in early December. The message from DMAS said, in part:
  • We are excited to share with you the attached reference document with DRAFT service definitions for the enhancement of behavioral health services in Virginia. As we shared previously, the Governor’s Budget proposes to include all of the services in the current phase of Behavioral Health Enhancement. This includes: 1. Assertive Community Treatment, 2. Multi-Systemic Therapy (MST), 3. Functional Family Therapy (FFT), 4. Partial Hospitalization Programs, 5. Intensive Outpatient Programs, and 6. Comprehensive Crisis Services (Mobile Crisis Intervention, Community-Based Crisis Stabilization, 23-hour Observation Beds, and Residential Crisis Stabilization Units).
  • The reference document is based on the information covered in the rate study and in the work-group discussions held with partnering agencies, associations, and providers. Should DMAS receive authority to move forward with the enhancement of behavioral health services then we will discuss and edit the draft definitions, as needed, during the installation work-groups.
  • Stakeholders can submit questions and/or suggestions to and we will do our best answer the questions.  We appreciate all suggestions.
We hope, that with the passage of the Budget and acceptance of the amendment that we have requested, that there will be a strong presence of  an advisory committee to try to insure that the services are developed in a way to be a possible business line for many providers.  And, more important, to meet the ever increasing need for viable community-based services for children and adolescents to decrease the need for inpatient beds.