Bits and Bobs

September 27, 2023

First a reminder – if you have not completed the survey from ANCOR on the proposed new federal overtime rule, PLEASE do so today!   All you need to know is in this recent NewsPost!

Second, we got word today that the pandemic-related flexibility that allows reimbursement to parents of children under age 18 or spouses of Medicaid members for providing personal care services will end on November 10, 2023. To ensure a smooth transition, service facilitators and agency providers should work with legally responsible individuals (LRIs) currently receiving reimbursements to search for an alternate caregiver as soon as possible.

DMAS recently received federal approval to permanently allow parents of children under age 18 and spouses to receive payment to provide personal care services when no one else is available. For parents of minors or spouses to receive payment as the paid caregiver after November 10, 2023, LRIs must show their recent efforts to find or hire a personal care attendant and show that no one is available.

And also from DMAS,  j
ust wanted to share with everyone that the Medicall system is once again operational. 

The Virginia Medical Assistance MediCall System offers Medicaid providers twenty-four-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week access to current member eligibility information, check status, claims status, prior authorization information, service limit information, pharmacy prescriber identification number cross reference, and information to access member eligibility and provider payment verification via the Internet. 


MediCall is an enhancement to the previous Medicaid Audio Verification Response System (AVRS). 


Not only does MediCall offer providers flexibility in choosing the time of day for their inquiries, but it also makes efficient use of staff time. A valid provider number and a touchtone telephone are required to access MediCall. To reach an operator while using the member eligibility verification feature of MediCall, key “0” at any prompt within the Member Eligibility menu. Operator assisted calls are limited to three name searches per call. The operator will not be able to return the caller to MediCall for further inquiries. Operators are available from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Eastern time, Monday through Friday except for state holidays.