Medicaid Memo #1 – Rate Setting for FY23

Timelines for the publication of the rates were released by DMAS late yesterday: “The purpose of this bulletin is to notify providers that DMAS is diligently working on the implementation of new rates set forth in the 2023 Appropriation Act approved by Governor Youngkin June 22, 2022. The new fiscal year 2023 rates will not […]

One Last Time!

The final budget has been “enrolled” and signed by the Governor, of special interest to us are the following in Item 304: KKKK. 1. Out of this appropriation, $175,793,045 the first year and $201,197,348 the second year from the general fund and $182,060,495 the first year and $208,539,425 the second year from matching federal Medicaid […]

The Session Is Over, But Only for the Moment!

The General Assembly dealt with the Governor’s recommendations this afternoon and evening, elected some judges (including new members of the Supreme Court) and adjourned to reconvene on September 7th! That aside, we can now move on with some confidence in planning for the coming two years.  Just FYI – the Senate failed to approve a […]

The Governor’s Amendments Are Up!

And there is nothing that directly impacts DD or BH services!  So, the good news is that what we have in the enrolled budget will stay; the bad news is that there will not be adjustments to bring the TC or Support Coordinator (DD-ROS) up to previous levels. I must say that, on the whole, […]

Budget Updates!

A couple of things for you to know on a Friday! The Budget Bills (HB30 and HB29) have been “enrolled” and have moved on to the Governor’s Office – the seven day clock began yesterday! The General Assembly plans to meet to consider the Governor’s proposed changes (amendments and line item vetoes) on June 17th.  […]