A Short-term Solution for a Long-term Problem?

As we pointed out in a recent Post, the Special Session II which will convene on Monday will be vastly different than most.   The Legislative leadership has decided to not allow for “member amendments” to the Budget Bill proposed by the Administration.   We know that the Members are keen to have influence in the final […]

Northam Proposes $485.2M for Behavioral Health

As is the norm, the Governor’s Office is releasing his proposals for the “Special Session” a bit at a time – yesterday the focus was on Behavioral Health (full press statement here).   The emphasis, of course, was on shoring up the state hospitals (and training centers [sic]), with only passing reference to the community […]

An Update or Two!

First – thank you all for your responses and support on Monday morning to help solve the very uncomfortable problem of “where are ten individuals going to sleep tonight.”   We do not have final details, but we know that your quick responses were helpful and supportive!  Sadly, this was not the first and it most […]

As We Expected!

We have been working on helping providers combine residential houses to ease the staffing crunch, and last week put together a protocol for doing that.  All that information can be found on the Provider Quicklinks Page Over the weekend, we sent a short survey asking for status and opinion – interesting responses, but nothing unexpected!  […]

What About a Vaccine Mandate?

The Governor lifted his Emergency Order, the Delta variant is running wild,  staffing is still extraordinarily difficult, and providers are either not able to reopen previously closed sites or are closing residential sites for lack of staff!  There is robust discussion about next steps to curb or cope with this pandemic.  What have you been doing and […]