Rates, Rates, Rates!

Most of you now know that the rate chart linked to the Medicaid Memo referenced in Friday’s News Post for BH and ARTS rates was a) missing rates for several services and b) contained misleading information concerning a number of services which are being “repurposed” on December 1st as part of the BRAVO initiative.  Thanks […]

Memo re Temporary 12.5% Rates Increases Has Been Published

The Memo (dated 6 October) has been posted;    Claims processed 8 October and after (within the restrictions of the temporary rate) can be submitted at the increased amount for services billed directly to DMAS.  This includes all of the DD Waiver Services!  The MCOs and BHSA will implement the changes on a prospective basis […]

“Exciting News” Released This Morning from DBHDS

It was announced this morning that a new “system” for connection with the Office of Licensing (OL) which has been under development for some time to replace the OLIS system will go live in four weeks.  The system is planned to allow/require providers to electronically submit all required paperwork including applications, renewals, modifications, corrective action […]

A Couple of DMAS Updates

At a presentation to the HHR Joint Oversight Committee this afternoon, Karen Kimsey, Director of DMAS , announced that she expected the 12.5% rate increase to begin to be paid by the end of this month.  The delay has been due to their efforts to have the adjustment of claims back to July 1 be […]

Governor’s Budget – Step #1

Agencies are asked to submit their requests for items to be included in the Governor’s Budget; those items are then posted by the Department of Planning and Budget (DPB) for public view.  Many of the items were posted at the end of last week – here are some highlights: DBHDS:   A pilot project to […]