And Then There Were Three!

In the past few days we have received  not one, not two, but three very detailed emails that all essentially said the same thing.  Once again providers are being asked to respond to multiple reviews, all with large numbers of documents to upload (similar documents, but to different places) for the convenience of the reviewers […]

A Little of This and a Lot of That!

The Governor is beginning to take action of bills passed by the General Assembly; for many the deadline in March 27th.   He has, however, already signed the “barrier crimes” bill that we have championed for the past several years!   That was carried by Delegate Ellen Campbell and strongly supported by Delegate Chris Head (both Rs), […]

A Milestone Reached – Sort Of!

A few years delayed by the pandemic, CMS and ACL announced today: “Today marks an important milestone in our national efforts to enable people with disabilities and older adults to live and fully participate in their communities:  the end of the transition period for implementation of the Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) settings regulation. […]

Another Bit of Data to Share!

We have posted the most recent data on the top of the Legislative Agenda page so that the information you may need to talk to members of the General Assembly is, for the moment, all in one place. Given the massive turnover in the General Assembly which will occur prior to next year, there will […]

Surveys Can Be Tricky!

First – for those of you who responded to the wage/benefits survey regarding DSPs, thank you!  We’ll discuss the results on the Member Call on Friday! Second – for those of you who received the link to the VCU Survey about “Competencies,”  we hope that you think through your answers very carefully!   Not only does […]