CMS Guidance on Enhanced FMAP Released

We received a copy of the CMS guidance earlier this afternoon and have had an hour or so to digest it.  With no assurance that we absorbed all of the details or nuances, the following are the big takeaways:   Federal funds attributed to the increased FMAP must be used to supplement existing state funds […]

News for a Wednesday

We have a bit of this and that including a fairly important question!  Question #1 – Have you been informed by any of your dental providers that the do intend to expand their practice and utilize the Adult Dental Benefit from Medicaid beginning in July?  OR Have you been informed by any of your dental […]

Happy Mother’s Day?

For all who have survived the last 14 months unscathed, or who are able today to be reunited with a Mom or Grandma that you have not seen for many months – Happy Mother’s Day!  But for too many, who have lost a parent, grandparent or child – this will be a tough day and […]

For Those of You Who Just Can Not Wait!

Or you are trying to plan for next year’s budget!  DMAS has released the rates impacted by the budget from the 202 Special Session (Item 313 DDDD 3.) – the rates can be found here!  The Medicaid Memo will be published at a later date.

HCBS Settings Reviews

We typically do not republish memos/information that has been widely distributed via the DBHDS Listsrv, but thought this memo warranted some special attention.  First, I believe that this is the first official notice that Virginia has agreed to extend the deadline to March 2023 as CMS has allowed.  This pushes the internal compliance deadline to […]