Brain Injury Waiver Information

June 03, 2023

Here are the Training Resources and Instructions from the trainers:

All training attendees will be required to have read and be familiar with the following prior to the training:

  • MPAI-4 Training Manual (available on the COMBI website here:
    • Pages 1-4 (MPAI-4 introduction and assessment overview)
    • Pages 7-50 (individual item scoring instructions, scoring interpretation, and case examples)
  • MPAI-4 Scoring Form ( correct version attached…T-score conversion portion is slightly different than the one on the COMBI website)


As part of the MPAI-4 trainings, a basic overview of brain injury sequelae and recovery considerations will be provided. 

We also ask that attendees familiarize themselves with common sequelae of brain injury prior to the training.  The following are a few recommended resources for that purpose:

Once again, Required attendees from your respective organizations: All Case Managers including those who will be directly responsible for/conducting member intake and assessment.  

Here is the DRAFT of the DMAS Manual which lists the provider agency qualifications

Assessment Tool

Training Announcements — Session 1Session 2