Budget Amendments Are a Good News/Bad News Story!

August 25, 2020

First, remember that these are just requests and there are approximately 150 of them; they will certainly not all be accepted. But in order to be accepted, they must be requested – this is the first step.

  • 292 #1h – Prohibit reduction in private day based on remote learning or telehealth services; language only
  • 300 #1h – Require medical facilities to allow designated persons to accompany or visit disabled patients; this is a language only amendment with a small issue which we will discuss with the patron to clarify
  • 313 #1h – Extend Medicaid reimbursement for relative caregivers to provider personal care; extends the flexibility through June 2022
  • 313 #7h – Sick leave for Medicaid personal care attendants; would provide 14 days of sick leave for aides who work 20 or more per week in FY21 and 5 days in FY22
  • 479.10 #12h – Provide $20/day for Medicaid personal care, respite, and companion care providers; language only as the funding is federal funds
  • 482.20 #19h – Restore funding to increase psychiatric residential treatment facilities; FY22
  • 482.20 #20h – Restore Medicaid rate increase for skilled and private duty nursing; FY21 & FY22
  • 482.20 #21h – Restore overtime (up to 16 hours) for Medicaid personal care attendants; FY21
  • 482.20 #26 – Restore funds to exempt live-in caregivers from EVV requirements
  • 482.2 #50 – Restore Medicaid rates for mental health providers; FY21 & FY22 restores to 110% of Medicare rates
  • 482.20 #52h – Restore Medicaid funds for DD Waiver provider rates (Rate Refresh); FY22

  • 313 #2h – Extend the $20 daily add-on for Nursing facility rates; FY21
  • 322.10 #1h – Restore language mistakenly removed regarding STEP-VA as the funding remains
  • 482.20 #30h – Restores funding each year for the pilot programs to reduce the census in the mental health facilities; FY21 & FY22

We will work through some of the issues as we move forward and keep you posted.