Budget Committees Report

February 16, 2014

The highlights of the reports are linked to this post; we have not included the variety of funding for new CIT Crisis Centers, new PACT Teams, State Hospital beds, funding for the extended ECOs or TDOs as part of this review.  What we have included speaks to our legislative agenda: The Senate supported the delay in changing the unit or rate for MHSS, the House supported the language we proposed for use of one-time funding for balances remaining at the end of FY15 for FY16, and supported the language for direct admission to Hiram Davis Medical Center in certain instances.  The House and the Senate took very different approaches to the funding of slots – the House will require a serious plan for putting the entire ID/DD Waiver into managed care and the Senate used the savings from defunding some of the slots the Governor proposed to offset other DOJ costs and to require a “study” of the ID Waiver to determin the facors contributing to growth and to make sure services are cost-effective. The noticable item not addressed is provider rates — there will be no new funding in this biennial budget!