Budget Conference Summary Available

April 09, 2012

The Health & Human Resouces items in the Conference Report are:
  • $44.7 million over the 2012-14 biennium is added for Health and Human Resources, above the budget as introduced:  
  • $4.8 million GF to preserve the health care safety net;
  • $6.0 million GF to continue long-term care Medicaid eligibility for 1,500 elderly and disabled individuals;
  • $11.6 million GF to add 225 Medicaid ID waiver slots and $1.6 million to add 80 DD waiver slots
  • $69.0 million GF for Medicaid payments to nursing homes and hospitals to help offset inflation cost;
  • $10.8 million GF to increase Medicaid personal care and congregate care rates;
  • $3.3 million GF to expand children’s mental health services;
  • $78.7 million in savings from combination of earned federal Medicaid bonus payments and savings from revised estimate of federal health care reform, a recently-announced provider settlement, and transitioning veterans to federal health care programs.