Budget Highlights!

September 25, 2020

I have prepared a very brief list of highlights of items that are of particular importance to us. 

  • We are excited that both the House and the Senate included the DD Waiver rate refresh in some fashion – the House makes it all contingent on revenue to begin in January, the Senate restores 1/2 and makes the second half contingent to begin in July.
  • Nursing rates are also on the lists for July 2021
  • The Senate also restored the Adult Dental benefit, and the funding for the rate analysis to address the minimum wage issue

Both House and Senate want control over the allocation of the Coronavirus Relief Act Funding; form that the House would reinstate retainer payments from August to the end of the year and the Senate would “provide assistance” to DD Waiver Providers.  Both include a version of “hazard pay” for personal care workers.

Remember these plans still must pass their respective chambers and then go to a conference committee.  We will draft our communication to the Conferees this weekend!  Have a good weekend -the news is far better than expected!