Budget Update – Just to Clarify

January 10, 2022

This has been a bit of a moving target – at least in my mind, but I think today we have some better clarity on the DD Waiver Rate increases that were proposed in the Governor’s Budget and will be implemented if the amendment we have requested gets approved:

  • A rate for any individual service will be that proposed in the Burn’s Final Rebase Study Results
  • The services listed in the Governor’s budget will get the rate increase as listed in the link above (assuming the are no modifications to the budget as it goes through the General Assembly:
    • Group Home (4 beds or fewer)
    • Sponsored Residential
    • Supported Living
    • Independent Living
    • In-Home Supports
    • Community Engagement
    • Community Coaching
    • Therapeutic Consultation
    • Private Duty and Skilled Nursing
  • Additional Services will get the increase if the amendment that we have requested is approved:
    • Group Day
    • Group Supported Employment
    • Group Homes (5 beds to 8 beds)

Since the increase percentage listed in the budget is the average increase in cost, it is a safe assumption that some services (tier or region of the state) will get a larger increase and others will get a smaller increase.  This is the most appropriate way to implement the rebase – it is based on the data collected and the assumptions made in the study. 

I apologize if my reading of the budget caused confusion!