Budget Updates!

June 10, 2022

A couple of things for you to know on a Friday!

  • The Budget Bills (HB30 and HB29) have been “enrolled” and have moved on to the Governor’s Office – the seven day clock began yesterday!
  • The General Assembly plans to meet to consider the Governor’s proposed changes (amendments and line item vetoes) on June 17th.  Since they are coming back on a Friday, it seems likely that they plan to get it done in a day.  There are still a few other items to tidy up and then the 2022 Session will be over.
  • Item 304 #22c which includes the 12.5% rate continuation for community behavioral health services (among other things) has been revised – the outcome is the same, but the funding source for FY23 state share has been modified.
  • We’ve had many conversations about the issue with Therapeutic Consult Services rates, and it is not looking hopeful.  While we have supported maintaining the fidelity of the rate model, it is a blow to have had the 12.5% temporary increase and know that the rates are going to go down (roughly 5%) in July.  The question at this point is not whether the service is valuable, but how would the added cost be paid for given the current budget.  The question is still on the table – we’ll see what happens.
  • And for the mechanics – it is highly unlikely that DMAS will have the rebased DD Waiver rates in the MMIS system by July 1st.  The rates currently in the system will remain (including the 12.5% increase); once the new rates are posted, providers will need to adjust claims billed to the new rates.  Experience last year showed how challenging that was for some, especially if the original claims were billed through the provider’s EHR.