Two Updates!

First, we have heard from both the administration at DMAS and from one of the “technical” experts regarding the latest revalidation/claims problem.  We know that it is being addressed!  As a spin off, however, this is ending the provider’s status in WaMS (in addition to ending their ability to file claims!); not knowing how proactive […]

And There Is A New Problem!

The original revalidation issue is (maybe) fixed; though I’m not sure we have a final word on that.   That was the one that attached the revalidation to multiple service locations.  The second major issue was the removal of more than 6,000 providers from the system for “lack of a license.”  That issue, we think has […]

Behavioral Health Redesign – 2022/23

You may recall that the last General Assembly assigned to the Secretary of HHR the responsibility to establish a workgroup to review the current structure of DBHDS and make recommendations for: whether responsibility for DD services would be more appropriate in another state agency whether community-based behavioral health services and operation of the state hospitals […]

Will It Never End?

This morning we have been notified by multiple providers that they received emails overnight which retroactively ended their provider agreements due to an “expired license;” apparently provider enrollment is aware that the letters have been sent! We will work on: ensuring that there is no negative impact, and that there is clear communication back to […]

2022 Tax Rebate Update

For those of you who can not remember the details of something that happened last week, the attached which was released today at the House Appropriations Committee Meeting.  It describes the tax rebate scheme which was approved in the 2022 Appropriation Act.   The rebate will typically be $250 for an individual and $500 for […]