CMS Released Today

Today, as promised CMS released the strategies a state may use for limited delay for some provisions of the HCBS Final Rule.   The relevant slide deck has been posted on the Provider Quicklinks page and the CMS statement is as follows: “Today, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced a strategy for […]

If the Clerk of the Senate Says So, It Must Be True!

Susan Schaar has confirmed that the members of the General Assembly will return on June 1st to finalize the budget and the several conference reports on bills that they did not wrap up before they left in March.  The General Assembly is definitely calling the tune on the timing; the Governor, however, is not a […]

Rather Than Read 151 Pages!

Here is the “report” portion of the SFY21 DD Quality Management Plan;  you will not learn much by reading these 50+ pages, but skimming through the document will give you the flavor and you will better understand the layers of oversight and inspection that are part of the lives of DD providers.   Data Quality is […]

I Asked for a Number . . .

I asked members for a number – shifts worked by managers, supervisors, admin staff or anyone other than a DSP.  I did not ask specifically for OT shifts for DSPs, relief shifts, shifts that were “worked short” or other creative arrangements to ensure staff coverage to protect health and safety.  And, I did not ask […]

Bits & Bobs

Remember that when the Service Coordinator starts a new Service Authorization Record to allow an entry in WaMS the Service Authorization Number will change.    So once the new entry is made the “old” SA/PA# is no longer active and you will not be able to use it for billing, etc. The comments, if you care […]