Now That We Have Recovered from the Session . . .

There are a couple of interesting, important, and/or entertaining updates for a pre-holiday Friday afternoon: The DOJ Contempt Hearing which had been rescheduled from earlier in the year and was planned for yesterday and today was again postponed.  This time it was not just a scheduling issue, but rather the Judge issued a continuance.   […]

Here Is the Latest!

The promised compromise budget has been released and, as was expected,  there do not appear to be any changes to those items most important to our community.  So while you may not have been totally thrilled with the budget originally passed (in March), it has not changed with the latest negotiation: The rate increases (3% […]

And Here Is a Hint!

The budget negotiation “team” from the Legislature and the Governor’s Office, dropped “hints” last evening that the negotiations were finished and the Budget would be wrapped up in a one day Special Session on Monday!   Of course, there are budget complainers (the environmentalists and the skill game proponents among others) and the final package has […]

In Response to the Federal Overtime Rule!

The following is our message to key members of the Legislature and Administration which was delivered this morning: “It would not have occurred to me that I would again be asking for an increase in Medicaid rates for services at this stage of the process, but on April 23rd  the Feds threw us a curve […]

Rules, Rules and More Rules!

Rule #1 The U.S. Department of Labor’s final Overtime Rule governing the salary threshold for exemptions from overtime pay for executive, administrative, and professional employees was released today.  Quick references:  Overtime Rule Text  DOL Press Release  DOL Frequently Asked Questions  While we have included the phased implementation of the salary threshold from DOL’s website below, […]