As Promised! Follow-up Items from the Regional Calls

There were definitely some common themes: Competencies -There is still a struggle with trying to comply with the competencies, both initially and long term.  Our conversation, and we can have this conversation again on the call this Friday was two fold: First, for those skills which must be judged “competent” before the individual can work […]

Always Something To Learn!

We learned, yesterday, about the requirements for registering “assumed or fictitious names” with the State Corporation Commission – these are the names used instead of the true name or the “doing business as” names.  In this day of trying to make our agencies sound less “institutional” and perhaps less identifiable as services for a special […]

A Friday Afternoon News Dump!

First – a quick reminder that we are doing short regional calls next week to try to assess what we can/should do to support you in your region.  You can find the log-on information here. Second – Commissioner Land sent a notice this afternoon that announced a further reduction in the bed capacity at CCCA: […]

“Medicaid in the Next Normal”

One of the premier benefits of membership in VNPP is the opportunity to be a member (for free!) of Open Minds.  This article illustrates the value of the connection.  The things I found most critical to our planning and future focus were:   With an 8%  increase in Medicaid enrollment (national) there will be increased […]

A Couple of “Labor” Related Items!

First, here is the survey link that we mentioned on the call on Friday — JLARC—the program evaluation agency for the Virginia General Assembly—is conducting a study of the unemployment insurance program and workforce services offered by the Virginia Employment Commission (VEC). JLARC staff are collecting feedback from businesses that have had some experience with […]