New News for a Monday

There are several new items which may be important for you to check that we have posted on the website: Check the Provider Quicklinks – there is notice of revisions in two DBHDS Guidance documents (Reporting Serious Incidents and Quality Improvement) which will be posted for comment on the 28th of September for 30 days […]

FFCRA Revised!

DOL has released their revised temporary (through 31 December) rule in response to the ruling of the District Court.  The new interpretation will become effective on 16 September and we will share additional detail tomorrow at the VNPP Fall Conference (Register now, if you have not done so!).   We have excerpted parts of two […]


In compliance with HB2652 in the 2019 General Assembly Session, regulations are finally ready for comment and enactment.  Let me give you a bit of background: In the two years before the 2019 Session there had been several attempts by the Joint Commission on Health Care to create legislation to establish a “registry” for individuals […]

Paid Leave – The Rules Are Going to Change!

If you search FFCRA in the VNPP Posts you will be able to track the brief history of the federal initiative for paid leave.  Recently, on August 10th, we shared notice of the Federal Court ruling striking down portions of the FFCRA.  Important in that ruling was that the Court objected to the definition of […]

Update on the Session!

There is still not much clarity, but as far as we know: In addition to the budget items we listed earlier in the week, there are also the following – 138 #1h — In-Home CSA and DMAS-funded Services for K-12 Students (language only) which requires school divisions to report when a service that would be […]