Some Thoughts on Where We Are Today

I thought it might be useful to frame the conversation for the last two weeks of the Session; this is not the “message to the conference committee on the budget,”  that will come early next week when we have the official list of the conferees and a bit more clarity.  This is, instead, an attempt […]

Budget Update

Here is a slightly more comprehensive list comparing the House and the Senate Committee Reports – do keep in mind that if it was in the Governor’s Budget and has not been modified by the actions in both chambers, it is still there.  That said, this is still a work in progress! Committee Approved – […]

Just a Couple of Reminders That May Have Fallen Through the Chaos

RetirePath – the registration deadline for eligible employers has passed – take action now to avoid possible penalties! Department of Labor Rule on Independent Contractors has changed; tske a minute to review the changes! Beneficial Ownership Information for the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) Note: This is a Federal Government website and it has a […]

Reports Are Out!

Here is a very limited, and quickly done, chart – the official postings (what are always called the “1/2 Sheets”) are not up yet so there is a lot yet to be learned.  The chart below will give you a few basics! House and Senate Committee Report – 18 February

Trends at Cross-Over!

Today is “cross-over” — the day when all bills (except the Budget and some Resolutions) must have been dealt with by the chamber where they were introduced.  Unlike some other “crossover” days when they had to bring in dinner and burn the midnight oil, it looks like this one will be well over by dinner-time! […]