CCCPlus and DD Waiver Residential Providers

June 05, 2019

While the majority of the focus on CCCPlus has been about the challenges that BH Providers are having in managing within a complex system, getting service authorizations in a timely fashion, chasing payments when claims are not paid, etc. There have been a group of VNPP Members who have been working with DMAS to lessen the administrative burden required to “manage” the CCCPlus program on DD Waiver providers of group home residential, sponsored residential and supported living.  We have concluded that in large part, CCCPlus has afforded no benefit to either the individuals we support nor to the providers! After lengthy planning, we met yesterday with representatives of all of the Plans and DMAS and began to outline the issues, lack of understanding by the Plans of the role of the residential provider and to discuss some small steps that could be taken to help provide a better service and lessen the time spent by the provider in communication and coordination.   The meeting went well and we plan to meet again in late July after DMAS has had the opportunity to resolve some technical issue which will better inform the Plans of which of their members are in a DD Waiver Residential program. We will keep you posted.