Changing Rules!

March 16, 2016

Two versions of a table developed/published by DBHDS are attached here!  Note carefully that there were significant changes made in the more recent version!  The changes apply to the “Qualifications” listed for providers of some services, most notably “Community Engagement,” the new version of community-based day support.  For providers who have been providing on community-based day support (and whose license already reflects that) this should not be a cause for any concern; for providers who include community-based services from a center-based program, this will require the addition of a “new service” on their license.  While this is perhaps the best approach to the regulation of the two services (Group Day and Community Engagement) it is a change not reflected in the Application (out for comment), nor the training materials previously published.  This is a decision which could have been made by the stakeholder group who worked long and hard on crafting the day service options.  Now it will be a challenge to communicate!   Given the lengthy process to make any changes to a license, providers interested in offering “Community Engagement” out of a center-based program should probably apply soon!