Clarification and Some Progress

March 23, 2020

Let’s begin with the Announcement from Governor Northam today – Executive Order #53.  While there are a number of restrictions and closures announced, there is nothing that specifically impacts our services/businesses. However, in order to do our share, and keep the restrictions from increasing and everyone healthy everyone must continue to be vigilant, practice social distancing and exceptional levels of cleanliness and handwashing! We also want to add some clarification to the procedures for hiring staff with all of the changes that have happened in obtaining background checks, TB tests, etc.  Thanks to Jae Benz for her support! We have created a fairly simple “How To” Chart! This chart includes a copy of the “Disclosure Form” for your use with the Barrier Crimes List. We have also learned that DMAS will be submitting the Virginia requests for both and 1135 Waiver and an Appendix K for the 1915C Waivers this week – we have not seen the request as yet, but assume that it will include many things that have been on our list!