CMHRS Services and CCCPlus

October 29, 2017

To date most of our posts have been about the impact of CCCPlus on the DD Waiver populations and providers.  Now it is time to focus on the impact on the providers of CMHRS.  For enrolled individuals, DMAS is preparing to transition the CMHRS services into the CCCPlus managed care contract effective January 1; they have published a Medicaid Memo to outline the next steps for providers. VNPP has been represented in the discussions with the MCOs as they work to standardize the authorization processes (see the notes posted on the Behavioral Health Member’s Page) and there will be a “continuity of care” period extending to April 1, 2018.  While this does provide some additional time, all providers should now be actively engaged in the credentialing and contracting process with all six of the MCOs.  The contact information is listed in Appendix A of the recent memo.