CMS Postpones Date for States to Complete Transition for “Final Rule”

May 09, 2017

A great deal of pressure has been brought to bear on CMS by a variety agencies and organizations including ANCOR (See News Post of 28 April) and today CMS announced that the final date for transition would be 17 March 2022 instead of 17 March 2019. The letter clearly outlines, however, the expectation that the states will continue their current work to complete provider assessments and to finalize their transition plan: “In recognition of the significance of the reform efforts underway, CMS intends to continue to work with states on their transition plans for settings that were operating before March 17, 2014 to enable states to achieve compliance with the settings criteria beyond 2019. Consistent with the preamble language, states should continue progress in assessing existing operations and identifying milestones for compliance that result in final Statewide Transition Plan approval by March 17, 2019. However, in light of the difficult and complex nature of this task, we will extend the transition period for states to demonstrate compliance with the home and community based settings criteria until March 17, 2022 for settings in which a transition period applies. We anticipate that this additional three years will be helpful to states to ensure compliance activities are collaborative, transparent and timely.” The entire announcement is available here!