Comments Needed

September 23, 2016

There are three sets of regulations currently in play – and two are open for public comment at
  • Department of Aging and Rehabilitative Services has published the final version of the Public Guardianship Regulations – we made comments on the proposed stage which were largely accepted.  Comments can be made at this stage though these regulations are final and will become effective on 19 October.
  • Department of Medical Assistance Services (note that when you search for the place to make public comment DMAS is listed twice) has published the Emergency Regulations for the implementation of the three DD Waivers – comments are sought, but it is unlikely that these regs will change, during the Emergency phase (through 28 February 2018); comments will be useful in considering what changes need to be made to the permanent regs.  These regulations are linked (with a Table of Contents) on the Provider Resources page.
Lastly, the long awaited Human Right Regulations are in the final stage of approval in the Governor’s office and seem to be moving quickly.  An excerpt from the updated Agency Statement lists the changes made since the proposed regulations were published for comment; they seem to be reasonable and, in fact, needed changes.  These regulations will ease the burden on providers considerably and will still ensure adequate protections for the individuals we support!