Comments on the Waiver Aps Are Posted

April 06, 2016

The comments on the three Waiver Applications have been released and they give some clues to the changes which may have been made before the Applications were submitted. For example:
  • A combined service limit of 66 hours per week (instead of a limit of 780 hours per year per service) for Day/Employment Services
  • The addition of some “planning time” without the individual present for Community Engagement activities
  • Updates in the Restraints and Restrictions interventions to reflect the revised Human Right Regulations and
  • Inclusion in the Group Day services of the expectation that the provider coordinate any behavioral therapies in the person centered plan
  • Updating the definitions for Supported Employment to reflect the most recent from the Employment First Advisory Group
There was also a request that a representative from the VA Sponsored Residential Provider Group be included in future stakeholder meetings and forums.  We are pleased that the voices of all providers will be included when recognized Associations and groups are invited to participate. The full comments are posted on the Waiver Redesign Page under Member Resources