Compromise and Delay in the Implementation of “Service Packages” in the Revised Waivers

October 10, 2015

At an urgently called WDAC meeting on October 5th, DMAS and DBHDS together offered a compromise and delay in the implementation of the requirement that an individual’s person centered plan fit into a predetermined “services package” with an established budget.  A coalition of stakeholders representing The Arc of Virginia, VaACCSES, VaCIL, VBPD, VACSB and VNPP had met with the leadership of DBHDS and DMAS in mid-September and then, as no movement toward compromise was seen, presented their objections during the Senate Finance Sub-Committee meeting on 29 September (See the VNPP Presentation at It is critical that we are “all on the same page” and help the members of the General Assembly to focus on the big picture and funding and not on the details!   It is also true that dissent within the ID/D community will open the door for the managed care organizations to make a case for assuming responsibility for the LTSS parts of ID/D services. The compromise is published here! VNPP’s representatives have indicated our support!